SMS tools and workflows built for real estate

Build better relationships and create a reliable communications channel for customers and your real estate agency.


info Circle Did you know: 62% of all home buyers prefer that real estate agencies communicate property information to them through SMS.

Real estate agencies and agents can easily use SMS as a fast and reliable way to communicate with prospective homeowners, renters, existing tenants and more.

  • Arrange and confirm inspection appointments
  • Communicate property valuations
  • Broadcast auction times and alerts
  • Notify upcoming payments
  • Manage rental properties

Simple Usability

Effective management of tenants and rental properties, from the palm of your hand

Real estate agents spend 60% of their time in the field, which is why fast, effective communication is vital when managing multiple rental properties, listings and sales. Seamlessly communicate with tenants and landlords via SMS, sending SMS text messages to tenants for inspections, rental payment reminders, property repairs and more. Update landlords as soon as an inspection has been completed, improving client satisfaction and the potential for referrals with your real estate company.


Free SMS templates, proven effective for thousands of organisations in the real estate industry

Inspection times & confirmations

Hi {}, please confirm your inspection for {property address} at {time}. Please respond with Y Yes will attend or N No Reschedule.

Auction times & alerts

Hi {}, we will be hosting an auction of {property address} on {date} at {time}. Please reply with Y if you wish to attend and receive further information.

Property viewings & sales listings

Hi {}, thanks for your enquiry about the property at {property address}. Take a virtual tour {} or call me on {phone.number} to arrange an inspection.

Open house notifications

Hi {}, we’re hosting an open house today for a property I think you’d love at {property.address} from {time}. We would love to see you there.

Upcoming rental payment alerts

Hi {}, your rent for {property.address} is due tomorrow. Pay it online now at {webiste.address} or call us on {phone.number} to pay over the phone.

Initial website enquiry follow-up

Hi {}, it’s {} with {real estate agency name}. Thanks for filling out our online enquiry form! Here are some property listing you might like: {}


Fyre up your real estate communications