SMS tools built for healthcare workflows 

Deliver exceptional patient care and experiences, reduce no-shows and automate communications with SMS.


info Circle Did you know: 80% of patients say they want to be able to use their smart phones to communicate with their healthcare providers.

Helping organisations within the healthcare industry manage communications between patients, doctors, practice managers and more.

  • Confirm appointments
  • Communicate schedule changes
  • Send Appointments reminders
  • Deliver patient prescriptions

Improve Revenue

Reduce appointment no-shows to maintain a healthy revenue

Approximately 22% of patients miss healthcare appointments, resulting in significant revenue loss and wasted administration resources for healthcare providers. Send patients an SMS text message to remind them of their upcoming appointment. Automatically reschedule appointments and improve patient attendance by integrating Notifyre SMS into your existing communication workflows.


Free SMS templates, proven effective for thousands
of organisations in the healthcare industry

Appointment reminders & cancellations

Hi {}, this is a friendly reminder that you have an appointment with {} at {time} on {date}. Reply Y to confirm or N to cancel.

Test & exam result notifications

Hi {}, your test results are in. Please login to {} to view, or book an appointment with your doctor to discuss the results.

Medicine reminders

Good morning {}, please remember to take your {} today with breakfast. Please reply 1 after you take your medicine.

Patient satisfaction surveys

Hi {}, thanks for attending our clinic today at {} with {}. Please complete this short patient feedback survey {}.

Encouraging regular health check-ups

Hi {}, you’re due for your annual health check-up. Book an appointment online {}, or call the clinic on {phone.number}.

Prescription reminders

Hi {}, this is a friendly reminder that it may be time to renew or request a new prescription. Book an appointment online {} or call the clinic on {phone.number}.


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