Advanced SMS tools and feature-set designed for the freight, logistics and transport industry.

Ensure deliveries are met on time, every time, with effective SMS communications.


info Circle Did you know: 82% of customers say they open every text message they receive.

Helping organisations in the freight, logistics and transport industry improve communications and keep deliveries moving.

  • Delivery status updates
  • Order confirmations
  • Driver emergency updates
  • Shipment notifications
  • Delivery notifications

Positive Experiences

Improve customer satisfaction and experience

Ensure customers are connected throughout their entire journey by sending SMS notifications from initial order to final delivery. Drive repeat sales and increase business revenue by keeping customers happy and notified when their order has been processed, when it’s shipped and when it will be delivered through real-time SMS text messages.


Stay Connected

Effective communications between companies and departments

Keep all stakeholders in logistics and transport companies including manufacturers, vendors, warehouse staff, drivers, customers and contractors connected using SMS. Communicate logistical updates every step of the way and ensure each stakeholder is informed of its process.


Free SMS templates, proven effective for thousands
of freight, logistics and transport companies

Delivery status updates

Hi {}, due to the holiday period, your order may take longer than usual to be delivered. Track your order online at {}. Have any questions? Call us on {phone.number}.

Order confirmations

Hi {}, thank you for ordering from {}. Your order number is: {order.number}. We will contact you shortly with shipping details.

Driver emergency updates

Hi {}, a traffic accident has been reported at {}. Please seek an alternate route to ensure delivery times are met. Thank you.

Shipment notifications

Hi {}, your order has been shipped! It should arrive within 3-5 business days. Tracking number: {tracking.number}. Online tracking: {}.

Delivery notifications

Hi {}, your order is due to be delivered today. Please reply Y if you will be home, S to leave your order in a safe place or N to take your delivery to the nearest post office.


Fyre up your freight, logistics and transport communications