Smart SMS tools and workflows for the education sector

Reduce administration costs and improve internal and external communications across schools, universities and more.


info Circle Did you know: 42% of millennials check their text messages 10 or more times per day, with consumers over 60 checking their phone three or more times per hour.

Helping educational institutions including schools and universities communicate effectively and reliably between students, parents, teachers, staff and more.

  • Enrolment alerts
  • Event notifications
  • Emergency alerts
  • Parent-teacher interview scheduling
  • Absent student notifications

Simple Usability

User-friendly platform for all teachers, administration and staff

Notifyre’s easy-to-use platform allows all teachers, administration team members and other staff to easily send and receive SMS through their desired channel. Reach parents in minutes to inform them of their child’s absence, if children are sick or other emergency situations in real-time. Improve student attendance with SMS text messages alerting them on upcoming exams, excursions, assignment deadlines and more.


Free SMS templates, proven effective for thousands of organisations in the education industry

Enrolment and term alerts

Hi {}, you have successfully been enrolled in {} for {semester.period}. Your class starts on {} at {class.time}.

School event notifications

School event reminder: your attendance is required for {} at {event.time} {}. Please arrive 30 minutes prior.

Emergency alerts to parents

Hi {}, your child, {} is currently feeling unwell. We have given {him/her} some {} and will continue to monitor {him/her} closely.

Parent-teacher interview scheduling

Hi {}, your parent-teacher interview for {} with {} has been booked for {} at {interview.time}. Please reply Y to confirm.

Absent student notifications

Hi {}, your child, {} was absent from {} today at {class.time}. Please reply to this SMS to explain the situation or call us on {phone.number}.


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