Secure Messaging.

Blockchain-based secure messaging, file transfer and storage solution – delivering immutability, transparency, and security for permissions-based sharing.

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What is Stirdie?

Notifyre connects with multiple methods of messaging exchange including, STIRDIE, a blockchain-based solution that supports secure messaging, file transfer and storage within a verified directory of users. Offering advanced features to manage file access & permissions, complete audit trail of activity as well as options to integrate with cloud faxing workflows.

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Encrypted File Transfer

Share all types of files without limitations to size or file type. Includes security and data privacy with encryption, permissions, and compliance auditing.

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Secure Cloud Storage

Store files and documents securely within the cloud. Access from anywhere, any time. Cloud storage integrates with our secure file transfer and secure messaging tools.

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Secure Messaging

Securely exchange compatible documents between healthcare providers, organisations and consumers such as eReferrals, prescriptions, specialist letters and discharge summaries.

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 Stirdie Features

Secure, encrypted digital file transfer with no limitations to file type.

Connects you to verified organisations and users within the directory.

Manage user permissions and access options when sharing.

Maintain a complete and verifiable record of all digital transactions.

Encrypted cloud storage for your confidential documents and files.

Working towards meeting compliance standards for messaging across industry.

Building a verified directory of organisations and users for secure & interoperable messaging exchange.

Interoperability between organisations

We are actively working towards connecting organisations and users to our secure messaging directory. By joining the STIRDIE secure messaging network, organisations and their users can set their privacy settings in the directory to public which will allow other users to initiate a connection and begin sending.

Access to a general user network

The STIRDIE general user directory, allows organisations to communicate with verified users outside of their organisation. For example, sharing confidential data like patient lab results or prescription details with patients that might typically be sent by other means.

Notifyre Smart AI Routing

Enabling a pathway to interoperability

Notifyre uses smart AI routing tools determine its most interoperable method of exchange, ensuring that information can reach its destination freely between systems and providers. If Notifyre recognizes that the user tries to send a fax, but the recipient has a STIRDIE account, Notifyre will alert the user that the STIRDIE messaging options like Secure Message Delivery or Secure File Transfer are available.

Register for Beta

If you’re interested in being one of the first to trial STIRDIE secure message delivery and secure file transfer for your organisation, register for our beta version to be one of the first to know when it’s available.

Join us in industry consultation

We’re not blind to the fact that the evolving requirements of secure messaging will have obstacles to overcome. We recognise that you might have some input or expertise that you’d like to see incorporated into the future development. If that’s the case, we’re inviting consultation.