An online faxing solution that integrates seamlessly within today’s digital document workflows for business.


Modernise the way you fax

Innovative tools and advanced security features – everything you need to send & receive a fax, all in the one place.



Bring your number online

Bring your existing fax number with you and start faxing straight away. Don’t have a fax number? We’ve got you. Notifyre plans come with a free optional receive number (excluding PAYG plans).





No more clunky hardware

No need for a physical fax machine. No more paper, ink or maintenance costs. Notifyre’s cloud fax platform can reduce your business’ communications expenses and increase efficiency.



Faxing without boundaries

Send and receive your faxes on any device, any time, anywhere. Access via our online dashboard, desktop & mobile app as well as direct from your email client.





Maximum security protocols

We take data security seriously. At Notifyre, we have advanced security features with multiple layers of data security in place to safeguard your critical communications.



Across all industries and around the world

Notifyre complies with regulations and guidelines set out by global legal and governing bodies.

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Faxing features like you’ve never seen

fax-broadcastAdd multiple numbers

Send a fax to as many numbers as you’d like by simply adding multiple fax numbers to your send.

schedule-fax-campaignsSchedule faxes

Schedule your faxes to be sent at a time convenient to you or your organisation’s campaigns.

drag-and-drop-upload-iconDrag & drop

Easily upload and manage files with our drag and drop function, straight from your desktop or chosen device.

upload-from-cloud-storage-iconUpload from cloud storage

Sync documents for sending direct from your cloud storage using Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox.

custom-cover-page-iconDynamic cover pages

Add a dynamic cover page to your fax from one of our existing templates, or build your own – personalised to your business needs.

high-quality-resolution-iconHigh quality resolution

Enhance the quality of your faxes with our additional feature to send a fax with high quality resolution.

Discover a whole new level of security

The privacy and security of our customers’ data is our number one priority. Notifyre has a number of added security protocol to safeguard your sensitive data.


Auto-delete faxes

Notifyre provides you with the option to automatically delete fax messages once the fax has been sent, clearing your fax history. The fax will then be deleted and unable to be accessed by you, anyone in your organisation or the Notifyre team. Please note: we cannot access any faxes or documents once this feature has been activated.




Data sovereignty

At Notifyre, we understand the importance of data sovereignty. That’s why we offer a true data sovereignty option for our online fax service. Data sovereign processing ensures all fax data is stored and processed only within the country of origin prior to being delivered to the intended recipient.

Powerful API’s for Developers

Transform the way your organisation communicates.

Provide your business with advanced online fax functionality with our powerful fax API. Built by developers, for developers. Easily embed our modern fax features into your current business applications within minutes.

$notifyre = new \notifyre\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');
$message = new \notifyre\Objects\Message();
$message->originator = 'notifyre';
$message->recipients = [1234567890];
$message->body = 'This is a test message.';

var notifyre = require('notifyre')('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');
var params = {
	'originator': 'notifyre',
	'recipients': ['1234567890'],
	'body': 'This is a test message.'
require 'notifyre'client = notifyre::Client.new('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY')
'This is a test message.'
import notifyre
client = notifyre.Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY')
message = client.message_create(
'This is a test message.'
msg, err := sms.Create(
	"This is a test message.",
NotifyreService service = new NotifyreServiceImpl("YOUR_ACCESS_KEY");
NotifyreClient notifyreClient = new NotifyreClient(service);

List recipients = new ArrayList<>();
recipients.add(new BigInteger('1234567890'));
MessageResponse response = NotifyreClient.sendMessage(
	"This is a test message.",

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It’s time to Fyre up your business communications