Fax number porting

Keep your existing fax number by transferring it online. Start sending and receiving faxes through Notifyre’s secure, cloud-based communications hub

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Port your existing fax number online, without interruptions

Already have a fax number dedicated to your organisation? Keep your existing fax number by porting it to Notifyre.

Notifyre supports an unlimited number of fax numbers, allowing you to transition manual fax processes to secure online workflows.

Port your existing fax number to Notifyre in 3 easy steps


Login to Notifyre dash and fill out the fax number porting request.


You’ll receive an automatic confirmation email of your fax number porting request.


Once the porting process is complete, you can start receiving faxes to your fax number!

zero downtime

Simple transition with no disruptions

Notifyre is built to assist companies in transitioning from traditional fax processes to secure cloud-based communications. Continue to receive faxes online during the porting process with a free Notifyre redirect number, so you can fax without interruptions to your critical communications workflows.

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Reduce organisational costs. Forever

Start faxing without a fax machine and stop paying for expensive fax machine and fax line rental costs. By porting your existing fax number to Notifyre, you’ll reduce your organisation’s IT overheads and costs for paper, toner, ink and fax machine maintenance.

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