Email to SMS communications

Easily send and receive SMS text messages directly through your existing email client anywhere, anytime

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info Circle Did you know: 85% of customers prefer to receive an SMS to a voice call or an email.

Send an SMS message to customers 
without ever leaving your inbox

Specials and coupon codes
Provide all customers with special coupon codes and discounts through a bulk SMS.
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Event Reminders
Remind customers of upcoming events, bookings, product launches and more.
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SMS marketing campaigns
Use SMS broadcast to reach potential leads and convert them to customers.
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Customer surveys
Gain insight into your products or services through a mass SMS survey sent to your whole contact list.
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Improve customer engagement and foster positive relationships with SMS response rates as high as 45%.


One easy-to-use channel

Continue using your most familiar channel with Notifyre’s email to SMS feature. With no additional hardware or software installations required, send and receive SMS text messages directly through the convenience of your inbox. Compatible with all email clients including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail and more.

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Secure SMS sending from the comfort of your browser

No matter what industry your organisation falls in, we have your security covered. With end-to-end encryption, all email to SMS messages sent through an email client using Notifyre will be protected from being accessed by unauthorised users.

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