Dedicated virtual mobile phone number

Provide your audience with an easily recognisable mobile number, dedicated to your organisation

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info Circle Did you know: 71% of customers get frustrated when their experience isn’t personalised.

Create powerful connections with customers to improve brand loyalty and trust through a single virtual mobile number

2 factor authentication
Use a virtual mobile number for SMS verification when customers access their acocunts, make purchases and more.
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Severe weather warnings
Notify customers of upcoming service disruptions or regular IT maintenance. Customers will easily recognise your number.
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Internal communications
Provide your customers with the option to send an SMS to your virtual mobile number for IT assistance, stock levels and more.
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Store stock levels
Allow customers to SMS their prescriptions straight to your dedicated virtual mobile number. Quick and efficient.
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Use a dedicated virtual mobile phone number to promote your brand and establish long-term relationships with customers.


Superior customer experiences, every time

Let customers remember and recognise your business through a permanent virtual mobile number, dedicated to your organisation. Improve trust and loyalty with your brand by personalising customer experiences by using the same number every time you send an SMS text message.

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Smooth two-way conversations with customers

A powerful two-way communication tool. Use your dedicated virtual mobile phone number to start conversations and maintain relationships with customers. Set up SMS marketing campaigns using your number to always ensure your brand stands out from the competition.

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