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Notifyre Team

It all started with a fax 📠

Since 2000, we’ve helped move physical faxing to a paperless cloud-based solution. Believe it or not, to this day, faxing is still a prominent method of secure information exchange in healthcare and other sectors today.

Our team have since been working extremely hard to build Notifyre, a multi-channel communications hub, arming organisations with the platform as well as a growing suite of tools like cloud fax, SMS and block-chain based secure messaging, file transfer and storage features.

We believe that Notifyre is the vessel that will allow organisations to transition from traditional messaging mediums like fax, to more secure and interoperable communications systems and workflows like secure messaging. As contradictory as it may seem, to make the transition away from fax, we need to start with fax.

Using Notifyre, organisations can easily make the shift to new technologies like secure messaging in their own time, without being in synchronised step with every other organisation in the industry.

Notifyre Team

Our Team

Meet the fyre that fuels Notifyre. We are a team of passionate thinkers, believers and makers. Together we’re carrying out our vision to build something great.

Notifyre TeamBradley Davis

Notifyre TeamClint Betts
Founder, Member of Board

Notifyre TeamKat Richter

Notifyre TeamRodan D’Rozario

Steve McCormack

Notifyre TeamMali Harpur
Operations Manager

Notifyre TeamJeremi Dickson
Director of Marketing

Alexis Abelardo
Business Development Specialist

Jade Dor

Content & Communications Specialist

Connor McCarthy

Digital Graphic Designer

Notifyre TeamJoemel Villanueva
Front-End Developer

Lauren ChargeLauren Charge
Digital Marketing Specialist

Khadija BreeseKhadija Breese
Executive Assistant

Notifyre TeamAnita Atkinson
Sales Coordinator

Notifyre TeamJanelle Gilligan
Senior Sales Executive

Notifyre TeamClive Fernandez
Product Specialist

Notifyre TeamRob Farquhar
Customer Service Representative

Notifyre TeamNatalie Bibb
Customer Service Representative

Joe Richards
Joe Richards
Customer Service Representative

Notifyre TeamVanessa Davie
Customer Service Representative

Matthew Molineux

Customer Service Representative

Notifyre TeamNancy Hollis
Compliance Coordinator

Adam Black
Adam Black

Risk & Compliance Officer

Petra Pozar


Notifyre TeamMike Zaleski
Software Developer

Notifyre TeamJonathan Murphy
Software Developer

Notifyre TeamJudd Sosa
Software Developer

Notifyre TeamJemaica
Software Tester

Notifyre TeamAndrew Napier
Software Developer

Nathaniel Jacobs

Software Developer

Tiago Muniz
Tiago Muniz

Infrastructure Analyst

Kris Desmet
Kris Desmet

Software Developer

Notifyre TeamKevin Crook
Software Developer

Notifyre TeamGerard D’Rozario
Software Developer

Liam RobertsLiam Roberts
Intern Software Developer

Notifyre TeamRichard Fehlberg
Corporate Chef

Marney O'BrienMarney O’Brien
Apprentice Chef


We’re always looking for great people to come join our team of

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Our Offices


Notifyre-Sunshine-Coast-AUSSunshine Coast
15-17 Ocean Street
Maroochydore, QLD 4558

Suite C3-C4, 21 Lake Street
Cairns, QLD 4870


Notifyre-Salt-Lake-City-USASalt Lake City
136 East South Temple
Suite 1400
Salt Lake City, UT 84111


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