Enabling organisations to evolve their messaging, for better.

A transitional communications platform allowing organisations to evolve their messaging tools with new and innovative products and features as they become available.

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About Notifyre

Arming organisations with a modular suite of secure and powerful messaging and document transfer tools for various applications across channels including; Cloud faxing, SMS & more. Notifyre enables organisations to more easily make the transition to more advanced, secure, and reliable messaging solutions.

Our Platform

Notifyre Dash

An intuitive, modular platform for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Offering secure and powerful messaging and document transfer tools and features for various applications.

Notifyre API

Integrate reliable, robust Cloud Fax, SMS and leading, messaging technology – all backed by the industry’s leading security and compliance profile.  

Our Products

Cloud Fax

Setting a new standard for secure and intuitive document delivery. We’re simplifying fax processes and transforming document-centric workflows.


Engage and communicate with your customers through their most active channel. Advanced tools and features, reach your customers across our global carrier network.

New technology

Integrate new tools and features as they are developed – offering a seamless, transitional experience for organisations everywhere.

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